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Financial Calculators

Use ACCC’s financial calculators to help you better track and budget your income and expenses to help you better manage your money. These calculators are designed to give you the clearest sense of your financial situation to make the most informed financial decisions possible for your future.


Auto Loan Payment
How Much Car Can You Afford?

Career & Retirement

How Will My Savings Grow
Inflation Impact on Retirement
Retirement Fund
Rework Your Budget
Salary Conversion
My Bonus After Taxes
Save a Million
Saving for a Goal

Budgeting & Life

Allowance Comparison
Budgeting for a Baby
Emergency Fund
Entertainment Planner
Mortgage Payment
Needs Based Allowance
Pay Down Debt or Invest?
Travel Budgeting
Your Holiday Budget
Save a Million
Saving for a Goal

Credit & Debt

Cost of Credit
How Much Will My Loan Cost
Should I Consolidate My Debt
Debt to Income Ratio
Debt Payoff Calculator
Credit Card Interest Calculator

Education & College

Back to School Budget
Building an Education Fund
How Much Will College Cost?
Repaying Student Loans

Home & Mortgage

How Much House Can You Afford
Mortgage Payment
Should I Refinance My Mortgage

American Consumer Credit Counseling provides free credit counseling and low-cost solutions for managing debt and learning how to become debt free. The certified credit counselors in our debt relief center have helped thousands of individuals and families create plans for lowering credit card debt or eliminating personal credit card debt altogether. In our initial credit counseling sessions, our counselors thoroughly review a client’s financial situation before discussing all available options. Counselors can provide debt settlement advice or explain how a debt settlement program works, compare debt forgiveness and debt management plans, offer suggestions for dealing with debt recovery companies, and answer questions about debt consolidation qualifications. ACCC also provides debt management services with a fee structure that is among the lowest in the industry.