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Debt Consolidation

Our debt consolidation plan is designed to provide a unique solution to your personal financial situation. We will provide you with options to help you plan for a debt free future.

Debt consolidation can help you with your unsecured debt (debt not linked to an asset).

Through a debt consolidation plan you will be able to combine most, if not all of your unsecured debt and make one single monthly payment. Those accounts will still exist, but will be paid monthly through your account at ACCC. You will find that by engaging in a debt consolidation program you will become more organized and accurately understand your financial obligations each month. Debt consolidation may also lower your monthly payments.

Examples of unsecured debt include: credit cards, department store cards, credit lines, and unsecured personal loans are all examples of unsecured debt. Each month,  we disburse payments to your creditors on your behalf.

Upon enrolling into a debt management plan we will create a proposal to your creditors for a possible reduction in interest rates, perhaps re-aging your accounts and making them current, or removing penalties. Your debt management plan also may include a reduction in finance charges and over limit fees. And lastly, your plan may lower your monthly payments and the time required to pay off your debt.

Our professional credit counselors are available weekdays, evenings and weekends. Call to speak with a certified counselor to help you determine if a debt consolidation program is right for you, and to help you with a free budget analysis. Or begin the process with our online application.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides nonprofit credit counseling, debt relief, and debt elimination services for consumers nationwide. We offer free credit counseling to help consumers identify the right debt reduction program or debt solution for their unique situation. Since 1991, our certified credit counselors have helped thousands of individuals and families learn how to pay off a credit card balance and how to get out of debt fast through programs designed to payoff credit card debt within five years. Our debt management programs consolidate card credit debt payments and help reduce interest rates and finances charges, reducing the time it takes for getting rid of debt. And we offer comprehensive financial education services where consumers can get answers to questions like "How do I create a budget?", "What is debt consolidation?" and "How can I avoid debt in the future?"