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Entertainment is always a difficult category to budget for. Things always come up at the last minute; someone invites you to a last-minute birthday celebration or one night you decide that you don’t feel like cooking. It can be difficult to remember to factor these last-minute, seemingly low-cost expenses into your budget, especially when you are looking at your finances in the big picture. One way to track how much you are spending on entertainment is to carry ACCC’s Budget in your Pocket sheet with you every day and track exactly how much you spend and on what. This will give you a clearer sense of your overall spending habits.

If you feel like the holidays overwhelm your entertainment budget, check out the holiday section on the Talking Cents blog here for money saving tips for most holidays. For help with budgeting for the winter holidays, visit ACCC’s Holiday Budgeting center for tips on budgeting, saving, gift gifting, and entertaining. If it is a hobby that is taking up the majority of your entertainment budget, check out this blog post about how to keep your hobby without busting your budget.

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