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Debt Consolidation Credit Card

Is debt consolidation/credit card consolidation for you?

Debt consolidation or credit card consolidation can be an effective way to pay down your debt more quickly. But debt/credit card consolidation loans can also be a way to put off some necessary decisions about your finances.

Debt consolidation/credit card consolidation involves paying off multiple old debts with money from a new loan at a lower interest rate, or transferring credit card balances to a new card with a lower interest rate. The result of loan consolidation can be a savings on interest paid, lower monthly payments and/or the opportunity to pay off debt more quickly.

In theory, debt consolidation and credit card consolidation is a good financial move. But for many individuals and families who choose debt consolidation, credit card debt continues to rise because they have not addressed the financial issues or the saving and spending habits that caused them to get into debt in the first place.

Get information on debt consolidation and credit card consolidation from ACCC.

For help to understand the advantages and disadvantages of debt consolidation/credit card consolidation, contact the professional credit counselors at American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC).

We are a nonprofit organization that offers free credit counseling and affordable debt management plans. Our highly trained counselors will help you take stock of your finances and get a detailed picture of your income, expenses and assets. With a clear understanding of your financial situation, we’ll lay out all the options to pay down your debt and help you decide if debt consolidation/credit card consolidation is for you.

An alternative to debt consolidation/credit card consolidation.

For many of our clients, we recommend a debt management plan as a highly effective way to get out of debt more quickly. Rather than a tool to consolidate credit cards and debts, a debt management plan consolidates your payments — you’ll make just one payment each month to ACCC, and we’ll pay your creditors for you.

A debt management plan simplifies your finances by requiring just one monthly payment for all of your debts. As we work with your creditors, we’ll seek possible reductions in finance charges, late fees, over-limit charges, and monthly payments to help you pay down your debt more quickly. A debt management plan will give you a chance to work with our counselors to create a budget that works for you. We’ll also help you develop the financial habits that will help you live debt-free in the future.

Learn more about debt consolidation/credit card consolidation, as well as private loan consolidation¸ federal programs to consolidate student loans, and strategies for consolidating private student loans.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit organization offering free credit counseling and education to help individuals and families get out of debt and manage money more effectively. Our counselors can provide advice on options for consolidating loans, managing debt and choosing a debt consolidation credit card strategy. We also offer information on student debt relief, including options for student loans consolidation, deferment and forbearance, federal student loan forgiveness, and how to repay student loans when monthly payments for student education loans become overwhelming. Our counselors can information on the hidden costs of student loan consolidation companies and options for consolidating private student loans. The education section of our website features many free tools and resources, including a student loan calculator.

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