Debt Management Program Calculator

Calculate the savings you will receive on your unsecured debt using ACCC’s Debt Management Calculator. Below is a list of creditors to choose from. Enter your creditor, current balance, and the current interest rate into the calculator and we will compare your current payment plan with that of ACCC’s debt management program. In most cases,

NOTE: This credit card debt management calculator is intended for use with credit cards only. If you have other unsecured accounts, such as loans, medical bills, or collection accounts, contact our office at 1-800-769-3571 to find out what your true payment would be in a debt management plan. Please be advised that secured debt, such as home and car loans, and student loans cannot be entered into a debt management plan.

For a quick review of what a debt management program is and how it works to help you get out of debt, watch this quick video, and for more information about the benefits of ACCC’s specific program, click here for a debt management plan.

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