Read What Our Clients Say About American Consumer Credit Counseling

We are proud of the success our clients achieved with American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) help to become debt-free. The debt management advice we provide puts people on the right financial track. It helps them to gain financial literacy and develop their own debt management methods for sustained stability. Our debt management group is highly lauded by the people we’ve helped with debt management. Visit us here to learn more about our credit counseling center. Below is a small sample of the thousands of reviews and testimonials we have received about us from our clients.

A message from our CEO:

I hope that reading our client reviews provides you with a way to get to know American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) better. I am very passionate about the service we provide and the impact that ACCC has on so many lives on a daily basis.  We help consumers all over the nation get their financial lives in order, provide the tools needed to live a future of self-sufficiency and financial sustainability, and are deeply committed to making that happen for everyone we touch.

– Allen Amadin
American Consumer Credit Counseling