Get Debt Help With Non-Profit Debt Management Programs. Debt Management Plans Can Help to Improve Your Financial Health

Debt consolidation programs that help consumers

ACCC’s debt consolidation programs can help consumers struggling to pay off debt.

Debt management plans (Debt Management Programs) are the process of combining all of your unsecured debt into one monthly payment. Unsecured debt can include credit cards, medical bills, and personal loans.  Debt consolidation is a viable option for consumers who are struggling to keep up with multiple payments with multiple due dates. Through a debt consolidation plan, you make one monthly payment and on the day that works best for you and don’t have to worry about multiple payments and due dates.

A good debt management program can help you become more financially organized, pay down your debt more quickly while benefiting from a possible reduction in interest rates as well as many other advantages. By enrolling in a debt management plan you will receive other benefits that may include waived fees, ending collection calls, a reduction of finance charges and over-limit fees, and paying off your debt faster.

Our certified and professional debt counselors are available weekdays, weeknights, and weekends to assist you in exploring debt management. Call to speak with a counselor to evaluate your options and determine the right debt management plan for you.  ACCC will help you with a free debt counseling session to help qualified prospects get into a debt management program.

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