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ACCC offers debt relief options to individuals and families that are suffering from stress related to credit card debt by providing effective credit counseling, helping to consolidate debt, and advising on debt management.

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Resources & Tools

ACCC provides a range of consumer financial education resources. Our Financial Resources are available to help guide you in all aspects of personal money management and help improve financial literacy.

We have developed a number of financial tools, calculators and articles on a wide variety of topics that you should find helpful in your efforts to improve your personal financial situation. By learning more about debt management and credit counseling, you may be able to avoid future decisions that would lead to financial hardship.

When it comes to money matters, knowledge is power. Financial literacy – understanding how personal finances work – is the first step toward taking control of your financial situation. And accessing all the resources available to you is the key to improving your financial future.

Our free financial education resources are designed to improve your financial literacy and to help guide you in all aspects of personal money management.

In these pages, you’ll find financial tools, calculators, and articles on a wide variety of topics. These resources can help increase your knowledge of personal finance, build new money management skills, and improve your financial situation. By learning more about financial planning, budgeting, and managing money, you may be able to build a healthier financial future – and avoid decisions that could lead to new debt and economic hardship.

All information contained within our financial education pages is free – there is no charge to you. The links to other services are offered for your reference and education only – we do not endorse or validate the content on websites that are not part of ACCC.

Managing Money – and Life – When You’re 55+

Navigate the senior years with articles and resources on staying independent and managing eldercare. These resources designed both for seniors and their families and loved ones address everything from living on a limited income to managing health issues and taking advantage of local resources.
Learn more about resources for 55+

The Talking Cents Blog

Get expert advice on a wide range of timely financial topics – from debt management and debt consolidation to retirement, saving for college, planning for retirement, and more.
View the Talking Cents blog

Budgeting: Your First Step to Eliminating Debt

Creating a budget is the foundation of smart money management. Our worksheets, tips, checklists, and guides can help you develop a reasonable budget and make better decisions for your financial future.
Learn more about budgeting

College Planning

Access a wealth of college planning resources – from articles on different types of grants and scholarships to student debt calculators and guides on applying for student loans.
Learn more about paying for college

Access Helpful Consumer Resources

Discover all the resources available to you as a consumer, including assistance from nonprofit organizations and government agencies. From housing and job search assistance to financial support, prevention hotlines, and banking assistance, the links in this section cover a wide range of topics and needs.
Find consumer resources

How to Build and Manage Your Credit

Credit offers excellent advantages – and serious pitfalls. Knowing how to use credit wisely is the key to your financial health. Learn all about the best way to build and maintain good credit, and how to use credit to your advantage.
Learn everything you need to know about credit

Make Smarter Money Decisions With Our Financial Calculators

Financial calculators help give you a clear sense of your financial picture and make more informed decisions. We offer calculators for everything from mortgages and car loans to debt consolidation, student loan repayment, planning for retirement, and more.
Explore our financial calculators

Prevent and Recover From Identity Theft

When your identity is stolen, the effects on your credit and finances can be devastating. Learn how to protect yourself against identity theft – and what to do if you think your identity has been stolen.
Access identity theft resources

Easy-to-Understand Infographics on Every Financial Topic

Our infographics use images, charts, and text to create an easy-to-understand overview of a financial topic – like deciding whether to own or lease a car or signs you may be overspending.
View our infographics

Find Resources for Military Personnel and Veterans

Military personnel and veterans often face unique financial situations – and may have access to specialized financial resources. Learn more about the challenges of managing money during and after a military deployment, and the types of assistance that are available to military families.
Discover resources for military personnel and veterans

Manage Your Student Loans More Easily

Learn about the most effective ways to manage your student debt. Subjects include options for loan cancellation, more affordable payment plans, and postponing payments through deferment or forbearance programs.
Discover options for managing student debt

Videos on Every Financial Topic

Our financial education videos are designed to introduce you to all the strategies and options for paying off your debt. From budgeting techniques and credit counseling to understanding debt management, these videos provide an easy-to-understand overview of personal money management.
View our videos

Teaching Kids About Money

It’s never too soon to learn about the importance of managing money. Our resources help parents teach kids about money and provide age-appropriate education with fun activities and games for children of all ages, from kindergarten through college.
Discover financial education resources for kids and students

Medical Debt

Medical debt can be overwhelming – a single trip to the hospital can cost thousands of dollars. Learn how credit counseling can help you create a plan to reduce your medical debt.
Explore Medical Debt Resources

Small Business

It can be easy to rack up debt when running a small business. Learn about resources available to small business owners, and how credit counseling can help you create a plan to work your way out of debt.
Explore Small Business Resources

Tax Debt

Many individuals find themselves overwhelmed by tax debt. Get answers to all your questions about what to do when you can’t pay your taxes, and learn about options for dealing with your tax debt.
Explore Tax Debt Resources


Being unemployed is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Learn about free resources for job hunting and for securing unemployment benefits, as well as credit counseling services to help manage your debt while unemployed.
Explore Unemployment Resources

All information contained within the Financial Fitness Center is provided at no charge to the consumer. ACCC provides links to other services but does not endorse non-ACCC websites or validate their content.


  • "I was so pleased to find it easy to talk to my counselor about my debt problem. He was very helpful in helping me find a budget I could work with and thanks to him, I was able to reduce my interest rate so I could pay off my debt."
  • "ACCC provided me with this plan of how to get out of debt, and also taught me how to stay out of debt. If I have any questions, [ACCC's] staff is always there to give me the answers. ACCC's Debt Management Program helped me so much."
  • "Thank you for helping me stay out of collections and make progress toward paying off my debt. Everyone I spoke with was very helpful and made the process simple. They explained and re-explained when I needed it. I have recommended ACCC as a resource to people I know."
  • "Thank you to you and your team for helping me get out of debt. I felt like I was drowning in debt and after speaking to your representatives, I was relieved and felt like a weight was lifted. They made it simple and treated me with respect and have always been super friendly. I am grateful for your service!"

Additional Resources

  • resources-budgeting

    Budgeting Tips and Tricks

    A budget is the cornerstone of responsible financial planning. It shows exactly how much money you have and where it’s being spent. Use our compiled helpful resources, tips, and tools to help you understand and create a successful budget.

  • resources-credit

    Understanding Credit

    Credit is a convenient way to pay for things, but knowing how to manage and maintain good credit can be very challenging. Check out our find informative articles that will help you learn all about maintaining good credit.

  • resources-calculator

    Calculators to help manage your money

    Use ACCC’s financial calculators to help you better track and budget your income and expenses to help you better manage your money.

  • resources-retirement

    How to prepare for retirement

    In your golden years? It’s important that you are knowledgeable about your financial situation so you are prepared to lead a financially healthy life. Get our checklist to help you with your preparations.

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