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Debt Restructuring

Interested in debt restructuring? Call ACCC first.

Debt restructuring is one of several debt relief options people often use to pay off loans or eliminate credit card debt. Debt restructuring typically involves taking a new loan to pay off a variety of creditors. Ideally, the terms of any debt restructuring deal should be advantageous to the consumer, reducing the total of amount of monthly payments and/or the total amount of principal and interest to be paid over time.

Unfortunately, there are some common pitfalls to debt restructuring arrangements. For consumers who are in financial distress or whose credit score has been damaged, it may be difficult to get a debt restructuring loan at a decent rate. Some debt restructuring agencies take advantage of this and charge very high fees. Many consumers fail to shop around for the best terms, or they get so focused on lowering their monthly payment that they don't realize that in the end they'll actually be paying a lot more in interest over time.

If you're considering a debt restructuring arrangement, contact American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC). We're a non-profit organization dedicated to providing credit relief to individuals and families and helping them find their way out of debt. Our experienced credit counselors can help you decide if debt restructuring is the best course of action for you or if other debt reduction programs may be more advantageous.

Alternatives to debt restructuring.

At ACCC, we frequently encourage consumers to consider other debt relief programs, like a debt management plan, as an alternative to a debt restructuring deal. Under a debt management program, you work with our counselors to evaluate your financial situation, create a budget and set aside money each month to help pay down your debt. We consolidate your debt payments, so you can make one payment each month to us and we'll be responsible for making sure your creditors are paid on time. This makes it easier to manage your finances, keep current on payments, and reduce the stress of owing lots of money to lots of people. We also work on debt negotiation with your creditors to get possible reductions in finance charges, interest rates, late fees and other charges. This helps to save you money and makes it possible to pay off your debt faster.

Advantages of debt management over debt restructuring.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides nonprofit credit counseling, financial education, debt relief consolidation and debt reduction services for consumers nationwide. We offer free credit counseling to help individuals and families learn how to pay down credit card debt and how to eliminate debt altogether. As an alternative to expensive unsecured debt consolidation programs for settling credit card debt, our debt management programs help consumers pay off debts and manage credit card debt more quickly by consolidating payments. We also offer debt negotiation services to help reduce finance charges and interest rates. And our financial education services show consumer how to manage money more effectively and how to get rid of credit card debt more quickly – usually in five years or less.