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A budget is the cornerstone of responsible financial planning. It shows exactly how much money you have and where it’s being spent. A budget can help you find ways to save money and plan for the future. ACCC has compiled helpful resources, tips, and tools to help you understand and create a successful budget.

For free assistance with your budget, start now and complete an online application. This will provide counselors more information to work with during your budgeting session.

Or download a budgeting worksheet, and create your own home budgeting spreadsheet to use in planning your budget. Use all of our budgeting resources to create a home budget plan.

Need more guidance? Our Financial Workbook offers a number of downloadable spreadsheets and forms to help you make the right financial decisions. 

If you would like further assistance on how to manage your budget, you may contact our financial counseling center at 800-769-357 x1910.


Budget In Your Pocket
Budget In Your Pocket
Budget Worksheet Excel
Budgeting Worksheet (Excel)
Budget Worksheet
Budgeting Worksheet (Printable)
ACCC 20 Steps Booklet 2013
20 Steps to Financial Health

Financial Workbook Cover 2013
Financial Workbook
Save By Cutting Back Image
Save by Cutting Back
How To Disaster Proof Your Finances
How to Disaster-Proof Your FInances
Elder Care Memo 2013 Cover
Elder Care Money Management
Backtoschoolbudgeting _image
Back to School Budgeting Worksheet
Holiday Budget PDFImage
Holiday Budgeting
Worksheet (PDF)
Holiday Budget Excel Image
Holiday Budgeting
Worksheet (excel)
Hoiday Shopping Checklist Image
Holiday Shopping Checklist
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