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Information for Kids

Our nation’s economic future depends on the financial well-being of our youth. It is so important that children start learning about finances at a young age so they are better prepared to make sound financial decisions in the future. The downloadable workbooks will help youth of all ages understand the basics of money management and assist in developing healthy financial habits for the rest of their lives while having fun in the process.

Videos for Kids

These fun videos star favorite characters like Elmo and Scrooge McDuck as they educate on the basics of money. Take a peek at the collection of videos geared towards financial education in young kids.

Financial Fun (For Parents and Kids in Grades K-2)

This workbook is a guide for parents of younger children. It is packed with lesson plans, tips, activities, quizzes and a certificate of completion; all to help parents introduce children to the basics of money. Read through the guide with your child to help teach them valuable lessons. To download the entire guide as a pdf, click on the book.


Financial Fun Cover 1

Money Mania (For Kids in Grades 3-6)

This workbook is a guide for kids to use on their own to become “money maniacs”. Complete with facts, games, activities and quizzes it is sure to keep them engaged. A certificate of completion can be found at the end of the packet for the new “money maniac”! To download Money Mania as a pdf, click on the book.


Money Mania Cover 1

Dimes to Riches (For Kids in Grades 7-12)

This workbook is a guide for kids to use on their own to begin to understand how to take control of their money and learn money management skill that will translate into adulthood. Complete with facts, games, activities and quizzes, it is sure to get them on the right financial track. Download Dimes to Riches as a pdf by clicking on the book.


Dimestoriches Cover 1

Financial Workbook for Pre-College and College Students

This workbook is a guide for pre-college and college students. It is complete with worksheets and real-world examples. To download the workbook as a pdf, click on the book.


Financialworkbookcollege Cover

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