American Consumer Credit Counseling Survey Finds Most Household Finances Controlled By Women


February 27, 2013 – By PRWEB

Nearly 80 percent of women in relationships bear the responsibility of managing household finances – often with little help from their significant others, according to a survey conducted by national nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling.

Of nearly 270 consumers surveyed in the recent ACCC web poll at, only 19 percent of men said they handle the finances in their relationship, an illustration that more women are assuming the household fiscal duties. Of the total respondents, 28 percent currently reside in Massachusetts where American Consumer Credit Counseling is headquartered

“Financial hardship and debt, out of control spending and other money issues are a constant source of stress for American households,” said Steve Trumble, President and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling. “By sharing the financial responsibility in a relationship, couples can be more open and honest and avoid some of the stressful pitfalls that result from burdening one person with the finances.”

About 16 percent of couples, which represented 79 percent of total respondents, reported an equal distribution of financial duties with their significant other.

“Partnering up with your spouse on managing the family finances has significant benefits including improved communication in the relationship, as well as less stress and increased financial literacy and future success,” says Trumble.

“While money problems are one of the leading causes of marital difficulties, the good news is there are plenty of resources to help families that need budget and other financial counseling,” Trumble said.

When it comes to the 10 percent of respondents who are single and living with roommates, 22 percent opt to share the financial responsibilities, while nearly 60 percent indicated they handle their own money decisions.

“Financial stress not only impacts those in relationships, but can also be a major source of strain for roommates and those sharing living space,” continued Trumble. “It’s important for these individuals to clearly lay out what the financial expectations are before moving in to avoid sticking one person with the brunt of the burdens.”

This financial poll was the latest in a series of ACCC web surveys for 2013 that focus on a variety of financial education, budgeting and planning topics. Next month’s poll asks consumers how they plan to spend their 2012 tax refund.

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