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ACCC offers debt relief options to individuals and families that are suffering from stress related to credit card debt by providing effective credit counseling, helping to consolidate debt, and advising on debt management.

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Take Control Become Debt Free

ACCC’s Debt Management Program can help you:

  1. Reduce your high-interest rates by an average of 70%
  2. Consolidate your unsecured debt into one affordable monthly payment
  3. Prevent late and over the limit fees
  4. Pay off your debt in most cases within 24-48 months
  5. Develop the necessary cash flow plan to help you achieve your financial goals

Call to speak with an ACCC Certified Credit Counselor to receive a free credit counseling session.


In these trying economic times millions of Americans are facing serious challenges with credit card debt. Since 1991, our non-profit credit counseling services have helped tens of thousands of people just like you regain control of their finances due to overwhelming debt.

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Creditor Information

Enter your unsecured debts that you would like to have reviewed and evaluated. ACCC works with creditors to arrange benefits which may include lower interest rates, stopping late and over-limit fees, and re-aging delinquent accounts to reflect your current status. Some creditors may choose not to participate in the debt management program. Payments are approximate and based solely on the information provided and are subject to creditor participation in the program.

NOTE: Secured creditors, mortgages, auto loans, student loans, or cellular phones cannot be applied.

Step 2:

Please provide the following information about your credit card debt.

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Household Budget

Include all household expenses as accurately as possible. The information your provide will be used to compute your household budget. Try not to inflate the numbers, but do not underestimate either.

A budget is the cornerstone of responsible financial planning. It shows exactly how much money you have and where it’s being spent. A budget can help you find ways to save money and plan for the future. ACCC has compiled helpful resources, tips, and tools to help you understand and create a successful budget.

For free assistance with your budget, start now and complete this online application. This will provide counselors more information to work with during your budgeting session.

Step 3:

NOTE: The remaining fields are not required, but will help compute a household budget. Please enter your income and expenses information in the fields below.

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