With Father’s Day Approaching, ACCC Provides Gift Givers With Tips for Shopping on a Budget

As sons and daughters everywhere scramble to find the perfect gift for Dad in time for Father’s Day, the leading national financial education nonprofit offers advice on how to give a meaningful gift without breaking the bank.

Boston, MA – June 10, 2014

Father's Day on a BudgetAs Father’s Day nears, national nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling wants to help gift givers honor their fathers with gifts that are both thoughtful and budget-friendly. Since Father’s Day shopping can often pose a challenge, ACCC has come up with several creative ways to show appreciation for all that Dad does without going over budget.

“The important thing to do on Father’s Day is simply to show Dad that you care,” said Steven Trumble, President and CEO of Newton-based American Consumer Credit Counseling. “You don’t have to spend a fortune to let dad know that you are thinking of him. There are plenty of ways to demonstrate your gratitude without breaking the bank.”

Surprisingly, the National Retail Federation’s Father’s Day spending survey found that Americans are expected to spend $7 billion less on Father’s Day gifts this year than they were for last month’s Mother’s Day. Breaking it down by individual, the average shopper will spend $113.80 on their dads – a sizable $50 less than the $162.94 they expected to spend on their mothers.

While 64.1 percent of people will purchase a Father’s Day greeting card, 41.5 percent will also be out shopping for new apparel for dad and 42.6 percent plan to celebrate the holiday with special outings such as dinner or tickets to a sporting event. The survey also found $1.6 billion will be spent on electronic gifts like smartphones and tablets this Father’s Day, and another $1.8 billion will likely be used to purchase gift cards. Other popular gifts for dad include tools and appliances, sporting goods or leisure items, home improvement items, personal care items, books and CDs, and automotive accessories, all of which are expected to see Father’s Day-related sales exceeding $500 million.

With the budget-conscious consumer in mind, ACCC has pinpointed six cost-effective gift ideas that diverge from the retail norms, but are sure to be favorites this Father’s Day.

  1. Join Dad in one of his hobbies. Whether Dad is a runner, a fisherman, or an antique hunter, take the time to join him in participating in his favorite hobby on Father’s Day. The quality time spent together is priceless and, depending on the hobby, it is likely that this gift will be a very affordable option.
  2. Do a big chore around the house. If there is one big home improvement project that dad has been meaning to do or a smaller task that he has been working on for a while, help him out. Regardless of whether you work alongside Dad or finish all of the work while he relaxes, he will appreciate the thoughtful contribution.
  3. Get the family together for a cookout. An afternoon of grilling and fun is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. Dad will have a good time while creating fond memories with the family and the cookout certainly doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  4. Give Dad’s car the VIP treatment with a wash and detailing. In just a few hours dad’s car can look brand new again. Vacuum, wax, and scrub his car and there is no doubt he will be thankful. It won’t cost any more than the price of the cleaning supplies.
  5. Update his phone with new apps tailored to his interests. Download apps that dad will like or that may make his life easier in ways that he is not aware of. If dad is already tech savvy, another alternative is to buy him an iTunes/Google Play gift card and make him a thought-out list of apps he doesn’t have, but would likely enjoy.
  6. Give the gift that keeps on giving – monthly subscription boxes. There are countless monthly clubs and subscriptions for people with all sorts of interests. Do some research and find one that dad would enjoy. These subscription boxes can be quite pricey, so this is a gift that is best split among a few people.

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