For Valentine’s Day, Nearly 7 In 10 Americans Are Seeking Out Budget-Friendly Date Options To Combat Increased Costs

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a national poll from American Consumer Credit Counseling found that 69 percent of respondents are searching for low-cost date ideas

Boston, MA – February 13, 2014

Budget-Friendly Date OptionsSixty-nine percent of Americans this year are bucking the elaborate Valentine’s Day traditions and opting for budget-friendly date options to avoid falling into financial ruin, according to a recent online poll conducted by American Consumer Credit Counseling. The survey results are laid out in an infographic found here.

In ACCC’s recent Valentine’s Day web poll at, only 8 percent of the 317 consumers surveyed stated that they would spend more than $100 on Valentine’s Day this year, while most married couples reported that they would most likely only spend between $10 and $25.

“In today’s economy, most couples are opting for a non-traditional Valentine’s Day date option in order to stick to their budget and avoid unnecessary debt,” stated Steve Trumble, president and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling. “With the average American household possessing $15,270 in credit card debt, consumers are being more responsible with their purchases and are looking to avoid the exorbitant increases in prices for Valentine’s Day.”

When it comes to gender differences, not surprisingly the men take more of the financial hit with 45 percent reporting they plan to spend $50.00 or more, while only 24 percent of females admitted they plan to spend that amount. Surprisingly, 18-24 year olds are the most likely to splurge on Valentine’s Day with 27 percent stating they intend to spend between $50 – $100 dollars.

“Young men who are in a relationship tend to take the biggest financial hit on Valentine’s Day,” added Trumble. “Between flowers, candy and dinner, the average night out can often run a consumer well into the $200 range. It’s important for consumers, especially the younger generation, to remember that though this day is about love, there is nothing to love about going into debt, so make sure that your plans are practical and well within the budget.”

According to the survey, 35 percent of consumers are most likely to spend their money on dinner, while 31 percent typically purchase chocolate or candy for their significant other.

The biggest savers on Valentine’s Day are those who are single, 47 percent of whom plan to spend nothing to celebrate the annual holiday.

Additionally, Americans aren’t viewing Valentine’s Day as their one and only chance for a romantic evening out. ACCC discovered that 26 percent of respondents have a date night once every month with 22 percent stating that they go out with their significant other several times a year. The survey also found that couples who are not married go on dates more often than those who are, with 25 percent admitting to a night out several times a month.

“Younger couples often do not have the additional costs of childcare, which, on average, can run upwards of $16 per hour in Boston,” stated Trumble. “The trick to a date night out is balancing the activity with the budget. Instead of going to an expensive dinner maybe eat at home then go to the movies. When it comes to relationships and finances – it’s all about compromise.”

The Valentine’s Day poll is the latest in a series of ACCC web surveys for 2014 that focus on a variety of financial education, budgeting, and planning topics.

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