ACCC Offers Important Financial Resolution Tips For Millennials

American Consumer Credit Counseling provides Millennials with ten financial resolutions to kick off 2018

Boston, MA – January 11, 2018

Financial Resolution Tips for MillennialsThe New Year is a perfect time for Millennials to take a step back and review their current finances and consider goals for 2018. It’s essential for Millennials to create a plan and utilize their resolutions to improve their financial well-being. To help with the process, American Consumer Credit Counseling offers Millennials important financial resolutions for 2018.

“With the New Year brings a renewed opportunity to commit to financial resolutions that take into account the challenges or successes of the past year,” said Steve Trumble, President, and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling, based in Newton, MA. “By setting goals and making plans to achieve those goals, Millennials can move towards a healthier financial life in 2018.”

According to CIT Bank’s recent Harris poll, 67 percent of Millennials plan to include savings as one of their main financial goals for the New Year. Sixty-one percent of Millennials want to prioritize saving for emergencies. The poll also found that 41 percent of Millennials say they want to look for lower interest rates on loans as one of their top financial goals.

American Consumer Credit Counseling offers Millennials important financial resolutions for 2018.

  1. Organize your finances and see what areas are in need of improvements.
  2. Identify a financial goal you’d like to achieve in 2018.
  3. Set a budget for 2018.
  4. Create and contribute to a retirement account, such as a 401(k).
  5. Start an emergency fund for unexpected expenses, such as medical or car issues.
  6. Learn how to read your credit report and continue to check it for wrong information.
  7. Set up a savings account.
  8. Start auto-paying by depositing a portion of each paycheck into a savings account.
  9. Pay off your credit card bill in full each month.
  10. Pay off your loans one by one, starting with the debt that has the highest interest rate first.

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