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Financial Education

ACCC provides a range of consumer financial education resources. Our Financial Resources are available to help guide you in all aspects of personal money management and help improve financial literacy.

We have developed a number of financial tools, calculators and articles on a wide variety of topics that you should find helpful in your efforts to improve your personal financial situation. By learning more about debt management and credit counseling, you may be able to avoid future decisions that would lead to financial hardship.

All information contained within the Financial Fitness Center is provided at no charge to the consumer. ACCC provides links to other services but does not endorse non-ACCC websites or validate their content.

At American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC), our professional credit counselors provide free debt advice, credit counseling tips and affordable debt management services to consumers nationwide. What do credit counselors do? ACCC credit counselors help you evaluate your finances and show you the best options for paying off debt and rebuilding credit. They explain financial terms and concepts, like the difference between a secured loan vs unsecured loan and a debt management plan. They direct you to the many educational resources on our website, where you’ll find money management information, a credit card repayment calculator, and many other helpful financial tools. What does a credit counselor do? They can help you put together a budget and decide how much money to each month toward each of your debts, or to a secured vs unsecured loan.

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