ACCC Launches Bankruptcy Platform Tool For Attorneys

The platform will provide attorneys with a unique personalized client tracking and assessment program

Boston, MA – February 25, 2014

Today, national nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling announced the launch of its new in-depth Bankruptcy Attorney Client Management System (ACMS), specially designed to help attorneys better assist and manage their clients going through bankruptcy filings. The new platform allows the attorney to set up automatic and manual course reminders for clients, chart the progress of clients throughout the counseling course, and view and print clients’ certificate of completion online at their convenience.

ACCC surveyed more than 500 bankruptcy attorneys and discovered that, often, their biggest challenge is obtaining the counseling certificate from the client within the mandated timeframe. Their feedback was used to design this easy-to-use and secure platform that, upon course completion, seamlessly uploads and stores clients’ certificates for the attorney to easily access to meet filing deadlines. In addition the system also provides attorneys with the option to directly access and request specific documents from an ACCC counselor.

“The bankruptcy filing process can often be confusing and stressful and has to be met within a very tight timeframe,” stated Steve Trumble, president and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling. “This new platform aims to streamline consumers’ completion of their bankruptcy education and counseling, so that their attorneys can meet the deadlines they need to more quickly discharge their case and get them on track for a healthy financial future.”

ACCC’s bankruptcy platform provides attorneys with the unique option to send both automatic and manual reminders to clients to further ensure that they complete their course within the mandated 45 day timeframe. Additionally, the platform allows attorneys to sort through their clients and see an individual’s progress at any point during the course.

A majority of ACCC clients have entered bankruptcy as a result of credit card debt or mortgage debt, with a small percent entering as a result of medical expenses. Of those, many consumers cite unemployment or underemployment – returning to work and not earning as large a salary as before – as the primary reason for their financial troubles.

“With the guidance and support of a certified credit counselor, these consumers can determine the best option for their financial future and work to create a strong financial foundation going forward,” added Trumble.

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