Consumers Are Finding New Ways to Pay Bills Online, According to Survey From ACCC

Less people are paying bills by mail; Over 50 percent of consumers say they started paying bills online within the last 5 years.

Boston, MA – August 31, 2015

Paying bills onlineThe majority of American consumers has started paying bills online within the last five years, according to a new survey by American Consumer Credit Counseling. Nearly 95 percent of those polled in the month of July by ACCC admitted that they pay at least one bill through their computer or mobile device. Nearly 55 percent of those polled said they started paying online within the last five years.

Just 6 percent of those surveyed at said they only pay bills by mail. And a large majority (77 percent) said they find it easier to pay and track bills if they do it digitally instead of through the mail. In addition, about two thirds – 66 percent of those polled say they have paid bills using automatic bill pay services.

The online poll was conducted by American Consumer Credit Counselling – a national nonprofit that helps consumers with financial education, budgeting, and debt management. A total of 306 budget-conscious consumers participated in the poll at

“This survey highlights a continuing trend of consumers paying and preferring to pay bills online,” said Steve Trumble, President and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling, which is based in Newton, Mass. “With more and more user friendly websites, mobile apps and automatic bill payment services, it is much easier to pay bills on time when you are paying online.”

With more digital and mobile options, the ACCC poll also shows the number of consumers paying bills online within the last year has spiked. A total of 48 percent of consumers are now paying more bills online than a year ago, the poll revealed. Almost 40 percent said they have paid with a mobile app or digital wallet such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Venmo.

The most popular payments made online were for credit card payments, mobile phones, and rent or mortgage.

“You no longer have to be tech-savvy to pay bills online,” said Trumble. “Banks, credit card companies and businesses are making it possible and user friendly to send payments with just one click.”

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