New Survey Finds Consumers Are Not Actively Purchasing Homes

Only six percent of consumers have tried to purchase a home in the last year, according to survey from American Consumer Credit Counseling

Boston, MA – July 30, 2018

Housing Poll resultsWith home and condo prices soaring around much of the nation and limited inventory that can lead to bidding wars, a large majority of consumers have not tried to purchase a home within the last year, according to a new survey by national nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling.

“Homeownership is a major financial investment and an important life milestone consumers weigh heavily before making,” said Steve Trumble, President, and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling. “Given a variety of factors in the housing market – particularly soaring sales prices – many consumers are choosing not to move or purchase a house.”

The survey found that only 6 percent of respondents have tried to purchase a home within the last year. According to the National Association of Retailors’ report, sales in June decreased 0.6 percent from May and 2.2 percent from June 2017. Of the respondents living in a single-family home, 24 percent say the cost of housing has forced them to be late or miss monthly bills. Almost half – 41 percent – of respondents say that they would like to move to another home but in the current climate they cannot afford to. The report also found that the median cost of a single-family home has increased 5.2 percent, soaring to $279,300, from June 2017.

According to the survey, 40 percent of respondents have refinanced their mortgage. Of those that have refinanced their mortgage, 42 percent are spending 20 percent or less of their income per month on housing.

The survey also found that a majority of homeowners are spending less of their monthly income on housing (52 percent spend 20 percent or less of their monthly income), compared to a majority of renters (48 percent spend 31-35 percent of their monthly income).

The online poll surveyed 344 consumers on the organization’s website, You can view the infographic illustrating the survey results here:

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