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Beat the Everyday Money Woes That Are Inhibiting Your Sleep

According to CNBC, 56% of adults in America say that they lose sleep over their money woes. Of these individuals, 18% say that credit card debt is getting on top of them, while 32% are concerned about the cost of everyday expenses. While utilizing a debt management program and getting on top of credit card debt is achievable through hard work and dedication, you can also implement these steps to stop your everyday expenses from ruining your shut-eye.

money woes

Avoid Convenience Foods

USA Today reports that the average American household’s food bill is almost 20% higher today than it was a decade ago. Bread is now 22.4% more expensive than it was ten years ago, canned fruit is typically 22.5% more expensive, and consumers are now paying 27.6% more for sugary snacks, such as cakes and cookies. While the convenience of these foods can be handy, the cost of them is sure to be stopping you from sleeping, as will the added sugars.

For a healthier bank balance and to help you stop tossing and turning at night, make your bread instead of buying loaves from the store. Mother Nature Network advises that you can save at least $1 a loaf when you make it yourself. Similarly, baking your cakes and cookies can cost just a few cents each. Instead of buying canned fruit, opt for fresh or frozen as you’ll get more for your money. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that a cup of raw carrots costs $0.29, whereas a cup of canned carrots costs $0.52. 

Brew It Yourself

Americans are spending an average of $1,100 a year on coffee from chains such as Starbucks, according to Fox News. However, Shark Tank businessman Kevin O’Leary states that it costs just 20 cents to make a coffee. What’s more, some of the nation’s most popular coffees contain so much sugar that they’ll leave you buzzing and unable to sleep. For example, a 16-ounce Cinnamon Dolce Latte includes a whopping 40 grams of sugar!

For better sleep, brew and drink your coffee rather than buy it, as this will save you a small fortune. It’s also worth considering types of coffee which don’t meet fair-trade standards. Despite its high price tag, fair-trade doesn’t always offer better quality. Some research has also shown that it may not necessarily benefit farmers either. For the best quality sleep, buy lower-cost brands, limit the amount you consume, and avoid it before bed.

Ditch Costly Transportation

13% of the nation’s annual expenditure goes toward travel costs, according to the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy. However, households on a lower income have an average annual spend on transportation of 29%. Where possible, ditch driving altogether and walk or cycle to where you need to go. Walking and riding your bike cost nothing, so you’ll automatically benefit. In addition, your sleep will improve as The Sleep Foundation advises that exercise can help regulate your body’s circadian rhythms.

Your sleep might be seriously impacted by your money woes and financial habits. The good news is, by reducing the amount you spend on everyday expenses, you’ll soon find your financial situation and your quality of sleep improving.



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