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Debt Management Company

Demand More from Your Debt Management Company

When you're considering working with a debt management company, you're most likely in serious financial straights. Some companies may try to take advantage of your situation. Don't let that happen; stay in charge of the relationship. There are certain basic things that you should demand from a debt management company—things that you deserve, regardless of your current financial circumstances.

Counselors Who Care

When you work with a debt management company, you expect to receive expert advice on credit issues, budgeting, and debt consolidation options. But the best debt counselors should give you something more; that personal touch, a genuine interest in your particular situation and in working with you to find the best solution.

At American Consumer Credit Counseling, our counselors are the heart and soul of our organization. ACCC's certified debt counselors aren't here to judge you—they're here to help you. In fact, a recurring theme through the many glowing credit counseling reviews and debt consolidation reviews that we've received over the years is the positive experience that customers have had with their ACCC counselors.

Clear, Affordable Fees

When you're seeking the services of a debt management company, you're already in a financially vulnerable position. Steer clear of so-called "solutions" that may just make matters worse, such as a debt settlement solution that involves hefty fees and damages your credit standing, or loans for debt consolidation that charge a steep interest rate.

ACCC is a non-profit organization that offers a debt management program that consolidates your debt without requiring you to borrow money or pay large fees. We have the lowest effective fee structure in the industry and we also provide our customers with a variety of free educational resources.

Commitment to Customer Service

You didn't get into debt overnight, and you won't get out of it overnight either. Your relationship with your debt management company may be a long-lasting one. Can you count on them to promptly answer questions when you have them, or to help resolve problems that may come up?

As one of America's leading nonprofit debt relief companies, ACCC's primary mission is to help individuals, families, and communities. Our commitment to providing superior customer service is demonstrated by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides credit counseling, financial education and debt relief options for individuals and families with too much credit card debt or unsecured personal debt. Our certified credit counselors have helped thousands of consumers find credit card debt relief by learning how to reduce debt and how to get out of credit card debt. Our debt assistance services and debt management plans allow consumers to consolidate credit card bills into a single payment, and provide help with negotiating credit card debt in order to lower interest rates and finance charges, to ultimately eliminate debt through a credit card payoff plan.

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