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Types of Care

Skilled In-Home Care: Medically prescribed home health care provided by a nurse, including administering medication, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Custodial (Intermediate) In-Home Care: Care that includes assisting with the activities of daily living (ADL) such as bathing, eating, reminding about (but not administering) medication. In-come care is typically paid for privately, but Medicaid may assist with some medical services.

Adult Day Care: Provides a group setting for seniors to participate in structured activities, partake in meals, and receive necessary supervision based on the individual’s physical and mental needs. Smaller specialized groups are usually available for individuals with Alzheimer’s. Adult day care is typically paid for privately.

Senior Community/ Independent Living: For seniors who are still predominantly independent and only need someone to check in intermittently throughout the week. Independent living is typically paid for privately, but Medicaid may assist with some medical services.

Assisted Living: Apartment-style living that provides assistance with ADL. Degrees of service vary based on individual needs, but can include preparing meals, administering medication, laundry, and regular check-ins. Assisted living is typically paid for privately, but Medicaid may assist with some medical services.

Nursing Home: Provides twenty-hour hour medical nursing services in addition to ADL care. Nursing homes are available for short-term rehab and for long-term live-in care. Special services are available for those with serious illnesses including Alzheimer’s. Nursing homes can be paid for privately or through Medicare or Medicaid when requirements are met.


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