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Choosing a Credit Card: Resources

(continued from Choosing a Credit Card: Costs and Features)...

For Help and Information:

Credit Card Offer Removal List

  • The national credit bureaus offer a toll-free number for you to opt out of all pre-approved credit card offers with just one phone call
  • 888-5OPT-OUT (888-567-8688)

Credit Reporting Agencies:

Direct Mail Removal List

  • The Direct Marketing Association has developed a tool to help manage your mail. Contact them to be removed from mailing lists, including catalogs, newsletters, donation requests, and more.
  • 212-768-7277

FICO Scores

  • To purchase your FICO scores, one from each bureau
  • 800-319-4433

National Credit Union Association

  • You can learn more about financial self-sufficiency and how to join a credit union.
  • 703-518-6300

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