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5 tips for fixing budgeting errors


Creating a budget is important for financial planning, but mistakes can still happen. ACCC offers these 5 tips for fixing budgeting errors:

  1. Track your expenses.
    Your budget needs to be realistic when it comes to how much you spend on food, clothes, travel, etc. Track your expenses for a month to get an accurate number.
  2. Remember yearly expenses.
    Remember annual or semi-annual expenses, such as doctor’s appointments. Incorporate those expenses into your budget.
  3. Make sure your partner is on the same page.
    Talk to your spouse early on in your relationship to make sure you can both agree on a budget.
  4. Have an emergency fund.
    You don’t want an unexpected event, such as a medical expense or a broken-down car, to wreck your budget. Have 3 to 6 months’ worth of expenses in your emergency fund.
  5. Seek help.
    Financial advisors can help you come up with a budget and an overall financial plan if you are unsure of where to start.

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