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Money Management for Kids (Grades 3-6)


When kids get older they may receive a weekly allowance, money on birthdays or gift cards. Now that they have their own money it is important they understand it is up to them how to budget, spend or save it!

What are the important lessons?

Making Choices:

When you make a choice you give something up. It is important to weight the costs and benefits of each situation

Needs vs. wants

Things you can’t live without, such as shelter, food, and clothes are needs. Things that are nice to have but aren’t necessary to live, like games, candy or toys.

Earning Money

When you earn an income you receive money for the time and effort put into the job. The harder you work the more money you can earn.


A budget is a plan that balances your money. With a budget, you know what money is coming in and what money is going out


Saving means putting your money aside now so that you can use it later. Set a goal and save a little bit of money per week to buy something special.

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