The Buckeye State boasts a wide variety of industry and business, thanks to its business-friendly tax systems and significant growth and development. Its biggest sectors include trade, utilities, and transportation, as well as a significant manufacturing industry. Though Ohio’s employment base is expected to grow, unemployment is still a problem and 13 percent of the population is below the poverty line. The average resident holds $4,817 worth of credit card debt, and might be in need of debt management advice.

We provide free accredited credit counseling, and also offer debt advice and assistance. ACCC offers a debt management plan to qualified individuals. The financial counseling and budget consultation are free of charge and callers are under no obligation.

Residents of Ohio can access our free consumer credit counseling services via telephone or apply online through our online application.

Testimonials from Ohio clients

“I can’t believe how much an hour on the phone is going to help me turn my credit and financial problems around so I can keep providing a good life for myself and my son. Thank you so much for your techniques and your business.”
-John S.

“ACCC is so very helpful and have been lifesavers during a really hard time. You provided education to help keep me from making the same mistake again. I have learned to budget and pay with cash! I have been able to change my habits. I make a very convenient, one payment and ACCC takes care of the rest!”
-Christina M.

“This program has been a lifesaver for me. We got into a lot of debt from medical bills that we foolishly put on credit cards. We wanted to avoid bankruptcy; you helped us avoid it.”
-Laura W.

3 Reasons to Fill Out Our Form and Speak With an ACCC Certified Credit Counselor:

  1. Ohio residents have an average of $4,817 worth of credit card debt
  2. Get a free credit counseling session
  3. Pay off your debt in most cases within five years
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