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What does a debt counselor do

When you need help to find your way out of debt, a debt counselor can provide invaluable assistance. What does a debt counselor do? Usually, a debt counselor offers specific advice on how to manage your money in order to more efficiently pay down debts over time. A debt counselor can also direct you to resources that may be helpful, and provide information about debt including how much credit card debt is bad for your credit score and how to consolidate credit card debt most effectively.

For more answers to the question "What does a debt counselor do?", Contact American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC). We are a nonprofit organization providing free credit counseling to individuals and families who want to pay down their debt and avoid debt in the future.

What does a debt counselor do?

  • Give people personalized financial advice, specifically on how to manage their money and debts more effectively and responsibly.
  • Develop a complete budget analysis of someone's current financial situation. Typically, debt counselors do not deal with reductions in the total amounts owed, such as credit card debt balances, but they can help lower the amount that a person pays monthly by getting reduced interest rates and fees.

What does a debt counselor do at ACCC?

When you first come to ACCC, you'll be connected with a debt counselor via phone or in person to discuss your finances. What does a debt counselor do at ACCC? Our counselors help you evaluate your financial position, review all the options available to you and help you select the strategy that makes the most sense for your situation. A debt counselor at ACCC can also answer questions like "What is my debt to income ratio?" and "How do I pay off credit card bills most effectively. "

What does a debt counselor do for debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a popular strategy for reducing debt. A debt counselor at ACCC can help you understand the pros and cons of debt consolidation, and provide advice about what to look for if you choose to try to consolidate debt through a loan. An ACCC debt counselor cannot actually help you secure a consolidation loan, as ACCC does not provide these services.

What does a debt counselor do in terms of debt management?

One debt relief strategy that ACCC counselors can provide help with is a debt management plan.

What does a debt counselor do under a debt management plan? We begin by establishing a reasonable budget that allows you to pay something on your debt each month. You'll make that payment to us, and we'll pay all of your creditors for you, helping to simplify your finances and ensure payments are made on time. We'll also work to see about reducing your interest rates, finance charges and other fees in order to help you pay off your debt more quickly.

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American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a leading source for personalized debt management advice and programs to consolidate your debt. If you are interested in consolidating debts, contact one of ACCC's credit advisors to learn how to consolidate bills without having to take a consolidation loan as would be suggested by some other debt relief agencies. As a Better Business Bureau accredited credit counseling agency, you can count on ACCC for fair and honest help with credit issues. We are also approved by the Department of Justice to provide pre-bankruptcy counseling and post-bankruptcy credit counseling courses.

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