American Consumer Credit Counseling Provides Free Education And Resources To Help Consumers Combat Inaccurate Information On Credit Reports

With 25 percent of credit reports containing erroneous information, consumers need to be aware of how to efficiently correct these mistakes

Boston, MA – July 18, 2012

credit reportsAmerican Consumer Credit Counseling announced today a number of resources, including the organization’s Understanding Credit Reports, to help consumers combat inaccurate credit report information.  This follows news from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that it will begin supervising the 30 largest credit reporting firms to ensure that these agencies act more swiftly to correct inaccurate and false information on consumer credit reports. Recent studies have found that 25 percent of credit reports contain errors that in some instances hurt consumers’ ability to borrow.

“A credit report is one of the single most important documents that can determine an individual’s eligibility for everything from a mortgage to credit cards, and it can even impact employment,” said Steve Trumble, President and CEO of national non-profit American Consumer Credit Counseling. “That is why it’s not only important for consumers to review their credit report twice each year, but also to educate themselves on the common mistakes to be aware of and how to fix them.”

A credit report is a history of everything that a consumer has done relating to their current and past credit, including applications for credit cards, personal loans, student loans or insurance. Reports contain information on where a consumer lives, how and when they pay their bills, and whether they’ve been sued or arrested, or have filed for bankruptcy. Credit reporting companies then sell the information in the report to creditors, insurers, employers, and other businesses with a legitimate need for it.  These outlets can then use the information to evaluate applications for a variety of opportunities, including credit, insurance, employment or a lease.

“As we see all too often, most consumers are unaware that their credit report contains false information because either they have not reviewed it or have not applied for a loan or credit card,” Trumble added. “Consumers need to know that they have the legal right to dispute and correct any false information and these bureaus are obligated to investigate and respond within 30 days.”

American Consumer Credit Counseling provides thousands of consumers each year with information and resources to educate them on how to obtain and read a credit report and methods to maintain or build a better credit profile. ACCC’s resources include informational workshops, over the phone credit counseling, budgeting assistance, debt management resources and much more. To learn more about these resources or to speak with a representative about what steps consumers need to take to correct inaccurate information on their report please visit ACCC’s Financial Fitness Center at:

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