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Engagement Party on a Budget – Tips To Planning a ‘Boujee’ Party

The engagement party is a significant milestone, a celebration of love and the exciting journey ahead. For many, hosting an engagement party that feels luxurious while also making it budget-friendly is a tough task. However, there are creative and cost-effective strategies to plan a ‘boujee’ engagement party without breaking the bank.  You can still create a memory that lasts while keeping your personal finances in tact. Here are some tips.

Planning your engagement on a budget

Planning an engagement party on a budget needs commitment and creativity

Planning an Engagement Party on a Budget

Planning an engagement party is stressful as it is. Having to do it while managing your budget can be even more stressful. However, this is a big day and you need to plan everything just right so that you create memories that are so special on your special day. Here are some steps you can do from a personal finance point of view to get on board planning an engagement party on a budget.

Setting a Realistic Budget:

Assess Your Finances: Before diving into planning, evaluate your financial situation. Allocate a budget that won’t strain your finances, considering future wedding expenses. Next important step is to prioritize your expenses. Identify what aspects of the party are most important to you. Allocate more funds to these areas and cut back on less significant elements. The point is you may not be able to have it all. Pick and choose what matters to you most and allocate money to cover those specific expenses.

Choosing the Right Venue:

Home Sweet Home is a good place to start all your planning. Engagement venues can be the biggest ticket item apart from the ring. Therefore, hosting at home or a friend’s place can significantly cut costs. A cozy, intimate setting can be just as elegant as a rented venue. If however, you are still looking to host outside, off-Peak Booking is an option for you. Consider booking during off-peak times. Venues often offer discounts for weekday events or during less popular months.

DIY Decorations:

Crafting Elegance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  DIY decorations not only save money but also add a personal touch. Use resources like Pinterest for inspiration and tutorials. The internet is a great place for ideas and DIY inspiration. Borrow and Upcycle is a great strategy when you are planning a engagement party on a budget. Borrow items from friends and family, and upcycle existing materials into chic decor pieces. You can save a lot while keeping true to your spending capacity.

Affordable Entertainment:

Playlist Over DJ: Create a personalized playlist and use a sound system instead of hiring a DJ. The technology is so advanced this is a piece of cake and you can personalize the music to your taste and what’s unique to your relationship.  Homemade Fun: Organize home-made games or a photo booth with props you already have. DIY is so big and the resources you can find online are unlimited. With a little bit of extra effort everything can be as perfect as you want the day to be.

Smart Attire Choices:

Rent or Redesign: Consider renting outfits or redesigning something you already own for a fresh, new look without the hefty price tag. This is a great opportunity to walk down memory lane and inherit a few things from your mom or dad! It not only has a priceless nostalgic value but also save a considerable amount of money in the process.

Digital Invitations:

Go Paperless: Digital invitations are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. Utilize free online platforms to create stylish e-vites.

Plan Ahead and Shop Sales:

Early Bird Deals: Purchase non-perishable items well in advance during sales. Look out for discounts on decorations, attire, and other necessities. Post holiday seasonal sales, Black Friday sales are good opportunities to gather some things you need.

Remember the Big Picture! While celebrating your engagement is important, it’s crucial to remember the bigger financial picture, including saving for your wedding and future together.

Bottom Line…

Planning a ‘boujee’ engagement party on a budget is entirely possible with a bit of creativity and strategic planning. By prioritizing your spending, embracing DIY, and making smart choices, you can create an elegant and memorable celebration without compromising your financial goals. Remember, the essence of the celebration is about love and togetherness, not extravagance. However, with proper planning you can reach your dreams to throw the most elegant party you dreamt of.

If you’re struggling to pay off debt, ACCC can help. Schedule a free credit counseling session with us today. 


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