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How Parents and Students Can Maximize School Savings

The following is a guest post from Maria Rainier.

Believe it or not, the summer is prime time for schools savings for students of all ages. Everyone from elementary school students to college sophomores can benefit from the doing some school related shopping well before the season starts up again. I know what you’re thinking: the last thing you want to hear about right now is school, much less shopping for school supplies. I get that, believe me, but hear me out.

While everyone else is busy with summer plans, why not sneak in under the radar and get all your school shopping out of the way? Not only will you free up more time for summer fun later on in the season, but you’ll also save a tidy sum of money. With most families feeling the economic squeeze, that’s an offer I’d consider if I were you. Still not convinced? Allow me to make my case.

Shopping early to avoid the rush

Think of all those times you rushed through an office/school supplies store in late August, hoping that you would be one of the lucky few to grab the last graphing calculator or lime green binder. Then think about how great it would be to avoid that mess altogether. That’s one of the biggest benefits to shopping for school supplies during the summer: supply stores are basically ghost towns during this time of year, so you have your pick of all the best items. Many stores will slash prices during this time of year to drum up business, so you’ll likely find great savings for your kids whether they need notebooks for vocabulary class or graphing paper for advanced calculus.

Shop online for the best deals

So maybe going to the local office supplies store isn’t exactly your ideal way to spend a summer day. I get that. Certainly students don’t want to spend an entire precious summer day buying school supplies for the upcoming semester/school year that you’re trying desperately not to think about. For those who don’t want to go summer shopping, there’s always the web. Sites like Amazon and Chegg are simply amazing in their ability to offer great deals on every feasible aspect of the student experience, from pencil holders to college level microbiology textbooks. The savings you get on these sites usually outweigh any others that you could find in an actual store, so it’s always a good idea to check them out.

And since you’re buying in the summer, you won’t have worry about having the supplies delivered on time for classes. You can choose the cheapest, slowest shipping option for your school supplies and still have them delivered to your doorstep weeks in advance of the first class come next fall.

Consider used and second hand supplies for ultimate savings

For the best savings, there’s always the option to buy supplies and books second hand. You might balk at the idea of your child using previously owned goods, but the truth is that it’s a common practice in most schools to resell books and even supplies over and over. This option is particularly recommended for college students, as their textbooks tend to run at least a hundred dollars apiece brand new.

Let’s say you’re a college student enrolled in Prof. Smith’s nutrition class for the fall semester. You can either buy a new textbook for the store at the list price of $150.00, or purchase a used one from the campus bookstore for nearly half the price. If you’re lucky, you can buy the same textbook for even cheaper from a friend who took the class the previous semester. You won’t believe the money that you’ll save by purchasing supplies second hand.

The summertime should be fun and restive for students, but it’s also a great time to save on supplies and books for the fall. Keep your eyes and ears open during the summer season, and you’ll be bound to find a great deal.

About the Author: Maria Rainier is a devoted blogger who topics concerning higher education and technology. She has her finger on the pulse of the online education industry, and she delights in writing about the benefits of online bachelor’s degrees in our digital society. Please share your comments with Maria below!

Editor’s Note:We welcome submissions of appropriate articles for our readers. Inclusion of a guest post on this blog does not imply endorsement of the contents of linked pages, nor of the organization supplying the article. We do however support and appreciate the value of the information contained in the article for the benefit of our readers.

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