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Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

ACCC's Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

The consolidated credit counseling services American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) offers will guide you on your journey to becoming debt free. The key to our success is that we help our clients change their spending behaviors. As part of our consolidated credit counseling program, we show you how to create a budget and develop a debt management plan to merge all of your existing unsecured debt into one convenient monthly payment. When you consolidate your debt through ACCC, you send each payment to us, and we distribute the money to each of your creditors in the plan.

ACCC's Consolidated Credit Counseling Services are Available Nationwide

ACCC's consolidated credit counseling services are available wherever you are, from Florida to Alaska. We have a Certificate of Authority to do business in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, plus licenses in the 32 states that require them. We are also a Registered Charitable Organization in 29 states and comply with all state and federal laws.

Our status as one of the nation's leading nonprofit debt consolidation companies demonstrates that we deliver superior customer service at a minimal cost. And we continually update our services and practices to comply with any changes in state and federal regulations.

ACCC's Consolidated Credit Counseling Services are Convenient

ACCC's consolidated credit counseling services are convenient and flexible with extended hours in the evenings and weekends. Our counselors are standing by to assist you with your questions about how to consolidate debt and other financial matters.

Before you contact ACCC about our consolidated credit counseling services, gather all of your financial information so that it's readily accessible when you talk to us. Financial information includes all of your income sources, assets, and expenses. By organizing this information ahead of time and having the details available during your call, we can ensure that we provide an accurate assessment of your situation and tailor strategies to your unique needs. Your account information and conversations with us are always secure and confidential.

During your consolidated credit counseling services session, our professionally trained credit counselor will review your financial information. If you are experiencing financial challenges, the counselor will also talk with you about the circumstances that caused this, along with your goals. Then your counselor will create a debt management plan that will consolidate debt into one easy monthly payment. It's even possible that through this plan, your monthly payments and interest will be reduced, you'll pay off your unsecured debt faster, and extra charges like late fees and over limit charges will be eliminated.

Talk to ACCC about Our Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

Are you ready to start the journey to a secure, debt-free financial future? Then contact us about our consolidated credit counseling services. Along with debt management programs we can provide you with services such as financial education, housing counseling, or pre- and post-bankruptcy counseling. We care about your situation and look forward to helping you overcome your financial challenges.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides nonprofit credit counseling, debt management services, credit relief and debt relief help to consumers nationwide. Our free credit counseling services help individuals and families learn how to manage debt more effectively and how to get rid of debt more quickly. Our certified credit counselors show consumers the various ways to pay off debt, and we offer affordable debt management programs for getting rid of credit card debt by consolidating debt payments. Our debt negotiation services help with managing credit card debt and paying off debt more quickly by reducing interest rates and finance charges. And our financial education services help consumers manage money more effectively, find reputable debt consolidation companies and answer questions like "How do you consolidate debt?"

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