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Debt settlement advice

Need debt settlement advice?

Before signing on to a debt settlement program, you'll want to seek debt settlement advice from a credit counselor. That's because many debt settlement services aren't everything they're cracked up to be, and solid debt settlement advice can help you avoid a financial nightmare. There are many debt settlement solutions that can leave you deeper in debt, rather than helping you pay off your credit cards and other loans. Debt settlement advice from a financial professional can also help you avoid a hefty IRS bill, and help you to keep your credit rating from plummeting while you're paying off your debts.

For free debt settlement advice from a certified credit counselor, contact American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) today. Our counselors are available six days a week by phone, or in person to offer debt settlement advice and help with other questions related to managing debt.

Debt settlement advice from ACCC.

ACCC is a non-profit organization focused on helping consumers get out of debt and avoid debt in the future. In addition to free credit counseling and debt settlement advice, we offer very inexpensive debt management services for paying down credit card debt and other unsecured debt, and educational resources that can teach you how to manage your money more effectively and how to be debt free.

When it comes to debt settlement advice, we'll perform an analysis of your finances, evaluate your financial position, and help you sort out all the options for paying down your debt. That may include advice on debt settlement solutions, as well as debt consolidation, bankruptcy, and debt management plans. Will help you choose the right strategy for your situation and your financial goals, and provide support as you work to pay off your debts in the coming months and years.

Why seek debt settlement advice from ACCC?

Here's why so many consumers come to ACCC each year for debt settlement advice and questions related to debt:

  • We're non-profit. There are many for-profit companies that will offer to help you find your way out of debt, but their services are designed to help them make money. As a non-profit organization, our focus is always on you – not our bottom line.
  • We're inexpensive. Where many debt management services charge significant fees, we are able to offer free and low-cost services that won't place you more deeply in debt.
  • We're experienced. Since 1991, we've helped thousands of individuals and families find their way to a life free of debt.

For excellent debt settlement advice, contact us today for your free, no-obligation credit counseling session.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides non-profit credit counseling, debt reduction programs and debt relief services to help consumers nationwide figure out how to pay down debt and how to get out of debt quickly. Our professional credit counselors provide free credit counseling to help individuals and families find the right debt solutions to help with credit card debt and avoid debt in the future. Our debt management programs provide help with debts by consolidating payments on credit card debt and other unsecured loans, with credit card negotiation services to reduce credit card debt interest rates and finance charges, helping consumers to pay off debt more quickly.

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