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Travel Budgeting Calculator


Now that you’ve used this calculator to determine exactly how much you plan to spend on your travels, it’s time to determine how you will save for your trip and how you will you stick to your budget while traveling. It is important to plan ahead so you avoid overspending and relying on credit card debt to fund your trip.

For tips on how to save on travel, check out the travel section of the Talking Cents blog here. You will find articles on everything from budgeting and saving for a vacation, when to buy airline tickets, saving on holiday travel, budget-friendly summer vacation ideas, and many more. You can use these money saving tips to help you save money on certain categories of your budget so you can spend more in others. Another way to build your savings for a trip is to cut back on everyday expenses such as utilities, food, insurance, transportation, health care, clothing, and other services. Use ACCC’s How to Build Savings by Cutting Back guide to find out how.

A great resource to use to help you stick to your budget while traveling is ACCC’s Budget in Your Pocket worksheet. Download it for free here. (You can ignore certain categories that do not apply to your travel plans, such as utilities.) This tool will help you see more clearly where exactly you are spending your money each day of your trip and if you are sticking to your intended budget.

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