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Educating Kids on the Basics of Money Management


Children start learning about money long before their first savings account, job or credit card. Begin the conversation even before they’re in school by talking about work and money. Everyday activities are teachable moments.

What should each age group focus on?

  1. Preschool: focus on identifying different types of coins and counting and sorting them
  2. Kindergarten: focus on how much each coin is worth while drawing equivalencies between difference coins (ex. 5 pennies makes 1 nickel)
  3. First & Second Grade: Focus on how to use the fewest amount of coins to get to certain amounts, and whether or not the child has enough money to buy different items at different prices. Also, introduce how to make change

What are the key lessons?

  1. Money is exchanged for goods and services
  2. Buying something means exchanging money for it
  3. The amount of money needed to buy something is called the price
  4. Different goods and services have different prices
  5. Some things are free and don’t cost money
  6. If you don’t have enough money to buy something you can either save up to buy it another time or buy something else

Money is an exchange for something you need or want. Children see money exchanged but don’t fully understand the value money holds on life’s necessities.

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