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Help for people in debt

Getting help for people in debt

There are many companies offering to provide help for people in debt. From debt settlement agencies to firms advertising personal debt consolidation loan options. There seems to be no shortage of businesses determined to offer help for people in debt.

The trouble is, most of these are for-profit companies, which means their primary interest is on their bottom line rather than yours. And while there are many legitimate firms providing real help with debt problems, there are plenty of scams out there as well. Therefore, if you want advice about your financial situation, it's best that you find a nonprofit company that provides help for people in debt.

ACCC provides help for people in debt.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) has been providing help for people in debt for over two decades. As a nonprofit organization, we provide free credit counseling sessions with certified credit counselors over the phone and in person. When you reach out to ACCC, we'll work with you to help you clearly understand your financial situation and choose the option for paying down your debt that makes the most sense for your financial goals. We'll share free educational materials with you to help you enhance your knowledge on managing your personal finances. And we can answer your questions about debt, such as "What is my debt to income ratio?" and "How can I get out of debt more quickly?"

Help for people in debt offered by ACCC also includes low-cost debt management services. Under a debt management plan, you can make just one payment per month to ACCC and we will take responsibility for paying each of your creditors on time. A debt management plan not only simplifies your finances and reduces the stress of owing money, but it allows us to work with your creditors to reduce interest rates as well as finance charges and other fees, enabling you to reduce the amount you owe and pay off debt faster.

Benefits of help for people in debt from ACCC

At ACCC, the help for people in debt that we provide offers many advantages and can help you to:

  • Save money. Our credit counseling sessions are free and our fees for debt management services are among the lowest in the industry.
  • Get professional advice. Our credit counselors are certified and are experts at helping you choose the best path out of debt.
  • Learn how to live debt-free. We'll help you understand the steps to take to get out of debt and how you can avoid debt in the future.

Learn more about help for people in debt from ACCC, and get answers to questions like "How do I consolidate credit card debt?" and "How do I reduce debt fast?"

 American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides credit counseling, financial education and debt relief options for individuals and families with too much credit card debt or unsecured personal debt. Our certified credit counselors have helped thousands of consumers find credit card debt relief by learning how to reduce debt and how to get out of credit card debt. Our debt assistance services and debt management plans allow consumers to consolidate credit card bills into a single payment, and provide help with negotiating credit card debt in order to lower interest rates and finance charges, to ultimately eliminate debt through a credit card payoff plan.

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