Mississippi State FlagThe Magnolia State relied heavily on cotton agriculture before and after the Civil War, but declining development and natural disasters have led to the state is one of the poorest in the country. High unemployment rates and an average credit card debt of $4,594 have forced many residents to leave the state. Though they have the lowest per capita income rates in the country, Mississippians have consistently ranked as one of the highest per capita in charitable contributions, showing their generous nature.

Mississippi residents can receive free accredited credit counseling, debt management advice, and financial counseling. We also offer a debt management plan to qualified individuals. The debt advice is completely free of charge and callers are under no obligation.

Residents of Mississippi can call our toll-free number, or apply online through our online application.

Testimonials from Mississippi clients

“For my debt situation, ACCC did everything well and professionally. I have finished the program and my experience was very good. I am now able to save and will never get another loan or credit card. Thank you ACCC!”
-H. E.

“One monthly payment is easier to manage. I have recommended ACCC to a couple of co-workers.”
-Michelle J.

“I appreciate the willingness to work with me to help me get on solid ground with my finances. The support and availability to counsel is second to none! I look forward to working closely with your firm for the next several years.”
-Amy J.

3 Reasons to Fill Out Our Form and Speak With an ACCC Certified Credit Counselor:

  1. Mississippi residents have an average of $4,594 worth of credit card debt
  2. Get a free credit counseling session
  3. Pay off your debt in most cases within five years
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