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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Are you eligible for student loan debt forgiveness?

Student loan debt forgiveness programs are designed to encourage bright young minds in America to give back to their country and community by choosing careers in high-need fields.

There are a variety of student loan debt forgiveness programs which may be available to you. Some programs provide student debt forgiveness for borrowers who choose to become a teacher in certain subjects or geographic areas. Other graduates may qualify for student loan debt forgiveness by entering public service, military service or the field of healthcare.

Eligibility for student loan debt forgiveness programs can be complicated to understand. For example, if you have federal student loans and are employed full-time by certain public service employers, you may qualify for federal student loan forgiveness on the balance of Direct Loans after making 10 years of timely payments. FFEL and Perkins loans do not qualify unless they are consolidated into a Direct Loan, though payments made before consolidation do not count towards the required 10 years of payment.

If you’re interested in student loan debt forgiveness or think you may be qualified to have your loans forgiven, contact American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC). Our professional credit counselors can provide answers to your questions and direct you to the appropriate resources to pursue student loan debt forgiveness.

Learn about student loan debt forgiveness at ACCC.

ACCC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people regain control of their finances and learn to live debt-free. We offer free credit counseling and a low-cost debt management program, as well as comprehensive educational materials – including a student loan calculator and information on student loan debt forgiveness — that help you manage money more effectively.

During your counseling session with an ACCC credit counselor, we’ll work with you to get a detailed understanding of your financial situation and student loan repayments. Our counselors can help you understand all the possibilities for paying down your loans, including options for student loan debt forgiveness. We’ll help you select the options that make the most sense for you, and work with you to craft a plan to get out of debt as quickly as you can.

Alternatives to student loan debt forgiveness.

In addition to information on student loan forgiveness, our counselors can outline for you the many other options for student loan debt relief, including:

  • New repayment plans that may lower your monthly payment.
  • Deferment or forbearance arrangements that enable you to suspend payments for a period of time.
  • Student loan consolidation, where multiple existing loans are paid off with a new loan at lower interest rate to help reduce your monthly payments.

Learn more about student loan debt forgiveness at ACCC.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit organization providing free credit counseling and debt settlement advice along with low-cost services to consumers interested in eliminating debt or negotiating credit card settlement. Our certified counselors help consumers understand the benefits of bankruptcy versus debt settlement and provide resources to help reduce or settle credit card debt most effectively. We can explain how debt settlement companies work and outline the debt settlement credit score impact and provide details about alternative ways to settle debt. Through credit counseling, consumers can get answers to questions like “How does debt settlement affect my credit?” and “Is debt settlement bad?” and learn how to settle credit card debt without damaging credit ratings.

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