ACCC Provides Consumers With Reasons to Consider a Credit Card

National nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling shares some benefits of credit cards.

August 23, 2016

Benefits of using credit cardsToday’s society is becoming more cashless than ever, so it is essential to obtain a credit card. There are many benefits to a cashless economy such as eliminating black markets, reducing violations, and the avoidance of proper payment of taxes. Due to today’s society, national nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling is providing consumers reasons to obtain a credit card.

“With society quickly moving towards a cashless economy, it is very important that consumers consider obtaining their own credit card to keep up with the rest of the world,” explains Steve Trumble, President and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling, which is located in Newton, MA. “As long as consumers make sure that they do not fall victim to credit card debt, fraudulent charges and unexpected fees, owning a credit card is an essential to proper financial management – as long as they are spending wisely.”

Although majority of Americans have at least one credit card, BankRate’s Money Pulse Survey found that only 33 percent of adults aged 18 to 29 say they have a credit card. The survey also found that even though it has been seven years since the recession, many respondents are still concerned about using credit.

American Consumer Credit Counseling is providing consumers reasons why they should consider obtaining their first credit card:

  1. Convenience – Credit cards offer convenience to users. With a credit card, consumers do not need to access an ATM daily or worry about carrying cash.
  2. Establishing good credit – Using a credit card and paying it off regularly can help establish good credit. As long as consumers control their usage of the credit card by paying their balance in full each month, they can build positive credit.
  3. Signup bonuses – Consumers can obtain signup bonuses when they sign up for a credit card. If they have established positive credit, they can receive anywhere from $50 to $250 and beyond, and they may also receive points for air travel and gift cards.
  4. Avoiding disputes – Consumers can avoid disputes if you use a credit card. Most companies will handle these situations for you if a merchant will not take back a defective product. Plus, many credit cards have some form of automatic fraud protection built in to protect cardholders.
  5. Perks – There are countless perks to using a credit card- whether they are frequent flyer discounts or saving money at your favorite stores. Credit card companies may offer incentives depending on how much money consumers spend. This can make shopping for holidays and birthdays much easier.
  6. Hold on to your money longer – Unlike the way using a debit card operates, using a credit card can keep money in the consumer’s account until they pay off your balance. This way, consumers do not have to constantly check their account.
  7. Make sure your payment is always accepted – Using a credit card can assure that the consumer’s payment will be accepted at as many places as possible, especially when they want to stay in a hotel, rent a car, or travel abroad. If damage is done to a rental car or a hotel room, these businesses can put a charge on the credit card much easier and may charge higher fees if the consumer chooses to use a debit card. Additionally, obtaining a credit card is essential for traveling outside of the country in the event that the debit card is not recognized by the merchant.


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