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Brace Yourself for the First Fall Tuition Bill

Boston, MA – May 13, 2021 Families of first-year college students should brace themselves for the big numbers in fall-semester tuition bills, and take action early to be prepared with all options for financial aid and student loans. American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is advising clients ... Read More »

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Best Student Loans for Bad Credit

March 5, 2021 – By Coryanne Hicks Your credit history doesn’t need to be a barrier between you and your education: Even borrowers with bad credit or no credit can find student loans. You may not even need a co-signer, although the backing of someone with good ... Read More »

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How to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment

February 8, 2021 – By Reyna Gobel Federal student loan wage garnishment occurs when your employer deducts a portion of your pay to repay your student loan after it defaults. Know that as part of federal Covid-19 relief programs, all federal student loan wage garnishments have stopped until at least ... Read More »

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