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Money Conversations Before Popping The Big Question

The thought of asking your significant other for their hand in marriage is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. And while love and compatibility play a massive role in the decision, there’s another aspect that should be given ample consideration, finances. Before getting down on one knee, it’s crucial to have some honest money conversations to ensure a harmonious financial future together. Here’s a guide to the discussions you should be having.

money conversations before popping the question

Have the tough money conversations before you take the plunge.

Money Conversations Before  Popping the Big Question

1. Financial History

It’s essential to get an understanding of each other’s financial past. Discuss any existing debts from loans, credit cards, or other sources. Knowing what’s owed can help in planning future finances together. While it might feel awkward, knowing each other’s credit situations and health can give insights into financial habits and potential challenges in getting joint loans or mortgages.

2. Money Mindsets

We all have beliefs about money, often formed in our childhood. How compatible are you about spending vs saving? Are you a saver while your partner splurges or vice versa? Discuss your spending habits and what you both consider necessary expenses. What are your short and long-term financial goals? Do they align with your partner’s? Whether it’s buying a home, traveling, or saving for retirement, being on the same page is crucial. These are important information to know about each other if you are serious about building a life together.

3. Career and Earnings

Open up about your career aspirations and what you both envision for the future. If you both are ambitious career people how would that impact your relationship. How does your current earnings line up? What is your  current and potential earning potential together? In addition, it is also important that you talk about each of your job stability as well. Talk about the security of your jobs. Is there a risk of layoffs, or is one of you considering a career change?

4. Handling Finances as a Couple

How you’ll manage money as a married couple can be a source of contention if not addressed early. Will you manage your finances in joint accounts or separate Accounts?  Some couples prefer pooling their money into joint accounts, while others maintain separate accounts or a combination of both. How would you manage bills and other financial obligations? Determine who will be responsible for which bills or if you’ll divide them equally.

5. Investments and Retirement

Prepare for the future by addressing how you both plan to grow your wealth. money conversations about investment and retirement will help you derive common financial goals you as a couple would work on. So, share details about any current investments, like stocks, real estate, or other assets. Discuss your retirement visions and the steps you’re taking (or plan to take) to make that dream a reality.

6. Children and Education

If you plan to have children, you must consider the financial implications. Childcare and education are big ticket items when it comes to finances. Therefore, have the discussion on the potential costs of raising children, including daycare, education, and other related expenses. How will you want to plan future inheritance to your children? While it might seem far off, consider whether you’ll leave an inheritance for your children or if they’ll be expected to become financially independent.

7. Financial Boundaries with Extended Family

Money matters can get tricky when extended families are involved. How would you support your own families financially in times of financial needs? Address if there are any expectations to financially support family members, either now or in the future. What are your boundaries for giving monetary gifts or loans to relatives?

Bottom Line:

While discussing money might not be as romantic as choosing an engagement ring or planning a honeymoon, it’s a foundational step in ensuring your union is set on solid ground. Love may be the reason you’re taking the plunge, but open communication about finances will ensure your relationship remains strong in the face of life’s many challenges. Also, it is not absolutely essential that you iron out all of the creases before you tie the knot. However, being open about your money conversations can save a lot of awkward moments later on.

Happy planning, and here’s to a future filled with love and financial harmony!

If you’re struggling to pay off debt, ACCC can help. Schedule a free credit counseling session with us today. 


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