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Consolidate Bills

Why Consolidate Bills Instead of Borrowing More Money?

It seems we're constantly inundated with advertisements telling us to "buy now, pay later." It's easy to buy a product on installment or to use a credit card if we can't do without it. If we continue buying on credit, then our credit bills can grow out of control. We may then decide it's time to consolidate bills.

Now in order to make ends meet every month, we may look into a consolidation loan. The loan is approved, and there's some relief for a few months. But then we fall behind again, because we start charging on our paid-off credit cards. And suddenly we're overburdened with debt as our credit rating worsens and we don't know what to do. We're in an endless cycle of finding new sources of credit to consolidate bills.

Continued borrowing for financial relief is a trap. The more credit we receive, the more we spend, making debt and bill consolidation harder to achieve. If we continue using new credit for consolidating debts but add more on top of it, then we're moving faster toward a financial crisis. We've developed unhealthy money management habits, and it needs to stop. The only way to end this behavior when it has grown out of control is to change it.

You're probably thinking, "How do I consolidate my bills without borrowing more money?" The answer: Talk to a credit counselor at a non-profit credit counseling agency for help.

Consolidate Bills the Responsible Way

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) can show you how to consolidate bills without accumulating more debt. We understand how poor money management habits can form and how to change the behavior.

It's important to remember that our debt management program to consolidate bills is successful and effective as long as you are committed to it. The goal of our program is to get you out of debt in the shortest period of time without using desperate methods like debt settlement or bankruptcy. Our credit counselors work with your creditors to achieve this goal and we also provide education that helps you avoid deeply falling into debt in the future.

When a plan to consolidate bills is in place, we set up an account for you, and you make one monthly payment directly to us via electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking account. We ensure that the funds are distributed to each creditor on time and update you with monthly account statements. Often we can get your creditors to reduce interest rates and fees, thereby lowering the amount you have to pay.

Turn to ACCC to Consolidate Bills

If you find yourself asking the question, "How can I consolidate my debt without borrowing more money?" call ACCC. Since 1991, we have helped our clients understand what caused them to fall into debt and guided them on the journey to a debt-free future by showing them how to manage a budget and use credit responsibly. They started anew with our program to consolidate bills.

Call one of our certified counselors today for more information on how ACCC can work with you to rebuild your financial future.

In addition to our program for consolidated credit, we offer counseling for housing financial issues and bankruptcy. We also have many free financial educational resources on our website.

For individuals and families trying to figure out how to pay off debts, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides nonprofit credit counseling, credit card reduction and consumer debt management services for consumers nationwide. Our certified credit counselors provide financial education for anyone wanting to learn how to get out of debt and how to eliminate credit card debt. As alternative to expensive debt restructuring services and credit card debt consolidation loans, our debt management plans are a kind of credit card relief program that have helped thousands of people pay down credit card debt by consolidating payments and reducing interest rates and finances charges. We also offer bankruptcy counseling, housing counseling and other financial education services for help getting out of debt.

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