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Consumer debt counselors

Consumer debt counselors offer invaluable advice.

When you’re struggling to pay off loans or pay down your credit cards, consumer debt counselors can identify strategies and resources that may help you get out of debt for good.

Carrying too much debt can be extremely limiting, preventing you from achieving your future financial goals. Consumer debt counselors and credit counseling companies can help you explore various paths for eliminating your debt and help you develop a plan to live debt-free. Plus, having the help of consumer debt counselors relieves a lot of the stress many people feel from their debt.

That’s why it’s important, to make sure you find someone who really is on your side when choosing consumer debt counselors. There are a lot of companies that offer to help with debt consolidation and credit repair, but many are more interested in turning a profit than helping you improve your financial situation.

Choosing a non-profit credit counseling center is a great place to start, and that’s why so many individuals and families nationwide turn to American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC).

ACCC: a nonprofit agency with experienced consumer debt counselors.

At ACCC, our mission is to help you get control of your finances and find the best path out of debt. Since 1991, our consumer debt counselors have helped thousands of consumers just like you to pay off student loans, credit cards and other debts and develop the strategies and habits to avoid debt in the future.

With consumer debt counselors from ACCC you get:

  • Expert advice from highly trained and certified credit counselors.
  • Superior customer service from a staff that is passionate about helping people find their way out of debt.
  • Free credit counseling – your credit counseling sessions at ACCC are always free.
  • Convenient communication - with consumer debt counselors available six days a week. We provide nonprofit debt counseling via the phone, and in person.

What consumer debt counselors from ACCC can do for you.

When you meet with our consumer debt counselors, we’ll help you get a clear understanding of your financial position and document your income, expenses and assets. Then we’ll explore options for paying down your debt that are personalized for you, based on your financial situation and goals. Our credit counselors can help you understand the many options for paying off debt, including debt settlement negotiation, debt management and legitimate debt consolidation, and help to determine which one is right for you. We also provide financial services around housing, student loans and bankruptcy, including the pre filing credit counseling mandated by the Department of Justice.

Learn more about ACCC’s consumer debt counselors.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit agency providing free credit counseling and credit card debt counseling as well as low-cost financial counseling services for individuals and families carrying too much debt. Consumers can work with a certified and highly trained credit counselor or debt consultant to understand their financial situation, consider ways of consolidating credit card debt and make a plan to get out of debt for good. Our debt management services provide debt consolidation help and consolidated debt relief by consolidating payments rather than loans. We offer lots of information about credit counseling online, as well as information about the pros and cons of a debt settlement agreement. We also provide bankruptcy counseling and information about life after bankruptcy.

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