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Debt consolidation rates

Looking for the best debt consolidation rates?

Here's a piece of advice for anyone looking for the best debt consolidation rates: take a deep breath, and contact a credit counselor before you take any action.

When you're swimming in debt and you feel like you'll never be able to pay it off, it's tempting to buy into the promises of debt consolidation or debt settlement companies. They would have you believe that getting out of debt is easy if you can only lock in the right debt consolidation rates or hire them to negotiate a settlement.

But if you owe a great deal of money, you're not likely to secure the lowest debt consolidation rates, which means a debt consolidation loan may not be very helpful. And if you haven't done the hard work of changing the way you manage money, the best debt consolidation loan rates in the world may not help you get out of debt.

Get the lowdown on debt consolidation rates from ACCC.

When you want some objective answers and solid advice about debt consolidation rates, you'll find debt consolidation assistance and free credit counseling at American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC).

As a nonprofit organization, ACCC has been dedicated to helping individuals and families get out of debt since 1991. We offer free credit counseling sessions where you can speak with a certified credit counselor about your financial situation and get guidance about the best ways to get out of debt. Your ACCC credit counselor can help you understand the pros and cons of different approaches, discuss debt consolidation rates, and help you select the path out of debt that makes the most sense for you.

Your ACCC credit counselor will also provide you with access to educational materials about managing money, and answer all your questions about debt, including questions like "How do I reduce debt fast?" and "How do I consolidate credit card debt most effectively?"

Skip debt consolidation rates with a debt management plan.

After reviewing your income, assets, expenses and debt, your ACCC credit counselor may recommend that you skip the search for the best debt consolidation rates and enroll in a debt management plan instead. Under a debt management plan, you'll make a budget you can live with that lets you pay down your debt over a period of time. Each month, you'll write just one check to ACCC and we'll be responsible for paying each of your creditors. This helps you stay current with payments and reduces your financial stress. ACCC will work with your creditors for possible reductions in finance charges, interest rates and other fees, ultimately reducing the amount of money you owe so you can pay it off more quickly.

Learn more about debt consolidation rates with ACCC, and about the pros and cons of credit settlement.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is one of the top non profit debt consolidation companies in the U.S., with more than 22 years' experience helping individuals and families consolidate credit card debt and improve their credit management skills. If you're wondering "How does debt consolidation work?" and "How can I consolidate my bills?", we can provide you with debt consolidation information to show you exactly how we can help you consolidate debt without having to borrow money or pay steep fees. If you're considering bankruptcy, we are also one of the approved credit counseling agencies for issuing a pre-bankruptcy certificate as well as providing the post-bankruptcy credit counseling course.

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