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Money Management for Kids (Grades 7-12)


Life is getting busy and you need cash for things like nights out with friends, lunch money, school trips, clothes, cars, and college. It is time they take control and learn necessary money management skills. You need to earn, plan and save!

What do I do with the money I make?

  1. Do spend it all?
  2. Do you put it towards savings?
  3. Do you even know where all the money went once it’s gone?

Saving is much easier if you know what you are saving for and how much money you need. The best way to do this is to set SMART financial goals.

SPECIFIC: what exactly needs to be accomplished? Who else will be involved? Where will it take place? Why do I want to accomplish this goal?

MEASURABLE: How will I know I’ve succeeded? How much of a change do I need to make? How many accomplishments or actions will it take?

ACHIEVABLE: Do I have or can I get the resources needed to achieve the goal? Is the goal reasonable? Are the actions I plan to take going to bring me success?

REALISTIC: Is it worthwhile for me right now? Is it meaningful? Will this delay or prevent me from achieving more important goals? Am I willing to commit to achieving this goal?

TIMELY: What is the deadline for achieving this goal? When do I need to take action? What can I do today?


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