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Youth and Money

With 91 percent of Americans supporting the addition of personal finance to a high school curriculum, most people agree on the importance of financial education. It’s not just adults who want to increase financial education - a recent Sallie Mae poll found that 84 percent of high school students want to learn more about personal finance. Unfortunately, only six states require high school students to be tested on personal finance. Until more states add financial literacy to high school curriculums, it’s up to parents to talk to their kids about credit, budgeting, and other aspects of financial literacy.

ACCC’s Youth and Money financial education section is designed to aid parents talk to kids as young as five about money, up through college. Our resources are aimed towards kids as well, with fun activities and games for all ages.

Teaching kids about money (for parents)

Get a breakdown of the core concepts of financial literacy with kids, starting with understanding currency and spending to credit and budgeting for older kids and teens. Find out how to help kids earn money, including doling out allowances and helping them find jobs.

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Information for Kids: Learning About Money

No matter how old you are, it’s never too soon to start learning about personal finance! These resources start at kindergarten and provide financial advice to students through their post-college years. There’s even a fun video page for younger kids, with financial advice from Scrooge McDuck and the Berenstain Bears. 

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