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How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

Let ACCC show you how to get rid of credit card debt.

Most people know that getting rid of credit card debt is the first step toward financial security. But how to get rid of credit card debt – that's a more difficult thing to understand. When you don't know how to get rid of credit card debt, your financial future can seem very uncertain, and it can be hard to imagine that you'll ever be free from debt.

For consumers who want to know how to get rid of credit card debt, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides helpful answers. We're a non-profit organization founded to provide free credit counseling and affordable debt management services to individuals and families throughout the U.S. We offer plans and strategies for how to take control of your spending, how to get rid of credit card debt, how to get out of debt quickly – usually within five years. Contact us today to talk with professional credit counselors who can show you how to get rid of credit card debt. The first consultation is completely free.

How to get rid of credit card debt in four steps.

Getting out from under a pile of debt takes time and effort, but the process is pretty clear.

  • Evaluation. When you talk with our professionally trained and independently certified credit counselors, they'll help you evaluate your financial outlook and get a complete picture of your situation.
  • Budget. They'll help you develop a budget that will let you pay down your credit card debt while still covering your living expenses.
  • Debt management. For many of our clients, a debt management plan is the most effective way of managing credit card debt and other unsecured debt. Under your debt management program, you'll consolidate all the money you must pay to various credit card companies each month and you'll make one payment to ACCC instead. We'll then take responsibility for distributing money to your creditors on your behalf. With just one payment to make, you'll feel less stress about your finances. You're also more likely to be able to keep up with regular payments that will help you get out of debt.
  • Negotiating credit card debt. We'll also work on getting possible reductions in all the extra fees and charges and drive your debt up. By lowering interest rates, reducing finance charges, eliminating late fees and over-limit fees, we can potentially save you thousands of dollars and help you get rid of credit card debt faster.

How ACCC benefits you when you want to get rid of credit card debt.

Choosing ACCC to help you pay off credit card debt is a smart decision. As a nonprofit, our fees are among the lowest in the industry and we offer free credit counseling for anyone who wants to know how to get rid of credit card debt. Our debt management program provides remarkable convenience -- our counselors will handle almost all the details for you, even paying your credit card bills on a monthly basis. And our website offers lots of free educational resources on topics that include how to manage debt, how to create a budget, how to afford a home and much more.

American Consumer Credit Counseling is a non-profit credit counseling and debt management center for individuals and families who want to settle credit card debt and learn to live life debt free. In our free counseling sessions, our certified credit counselors help consumers make a debt reduction plan for eliminating credit card debt over a period of time – usually five years or less. After reviewing a client’s financial situation, counselors work with consumers to find the best path to credit card debt elimination. This may involve providing education about credit card debt and bankruptcy, comparing debt consolidation vs chapter 13 bankruptcy or debt settlement services, and answering basic debt reduction and debt consolidation questions, such as “what is credit counseling?” and “how can I protect my credit score?”

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