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Negotiating credit card settlement

Strategies for negotiating credit card settlement.

When your credit card balances are spiraling out of control, you're likely to get offers from many companies that want to help with negotiating credit card settlement. Many debt settlement agencies will suggest they can help you wipe out your debt through a credit card lump sum settlement that costs just pennies for every dollar you owe. But before you enter a credit card settlement process, you should fully understand the potential downsides of negotiating credit card settlement.

What is credit card settlement? Credit card settlement is a form of debt settlement, a debt relief strategy that promises to help you get out of debt more quickly by offering creditors a single payment that is less than your total debt. How does debt settlement work? It requires you to stop paying your monthly bills until the point where your creditors are concerned you may go bankrupt. At this point, the theory goes, they may be more likely to settle your debt for a portion of what you owe rather than potentially not collecting anything from you.

While negotiating credit card settlement works for some consumers, there are significant disadvantages. Your actual settlement may be 60 to 90% of your total debt – far more than debt settlement companies advertise. You'll have to pay taxes on any amount that is forgiven. And whether you're able to settle your debt or not, the entire process will significantly damage your credit rating and make it difficult to pursue your financial dreams.

Advice on negotiating credit card settlement from ACCC.

When you want professional advice about whether negotiating credit card settlement is the best choice for you, the certified credit counselors at American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) can help. Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping consumers just like you explore all the options for debt relief and choosing the path that makes the most sense for your financial situation. We can show you how to settle with credit card companies in a variety of ways, and help you determine whether negotiating credit card settlement will be the most effective way of paying down your debt.

Debt management versus negotiating credit card settlement.

For many consumers wondering about negotiating credit card settlement and how to settle credit card debt most effectively, our team often recommends debt management instead. With a debt management plan, you won't stop paying your bills or default on your debt. Consequently, debt management is much better for your credit rating. And with help from ACCC's certified credit counselors, you may still be able to secure reductions in interest rates, finance charges and other fees that can help you pay your debt off more quickly.

To learn more about the benefits of debt management over negotiating credit card settlement, contact us for a free credit counseling session.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit company that provides consumers with free credit counseling and low-cost services. When considering debt settlement or credit card settlement services with a settlement company, consumers can consult with our highly trained counselors about debt settlement pros and cons, get details about the debt settlement process and learn how a debt settlement program can impact credit scores. We can also share information about the benefits of debt management vs debt consolidation vs debt settlement and explain how to settle debt most effectively. Consumers can also get answers to questions like “Does debt settlement affect your credit?” and “How bad is debt settlement for your credit if your settlement offer is not accepted?”

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