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The Silver State is largely desert, with three quarters of its population in Clark County and the Las Vegas-Paradise metropolitan area. The economy is largely tied to tourism, with areas like Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe attracting visitors from around the world. Other sectors include gold mining, machinery, and agriculture. Most of the residents do well for themselves, with a per capita personal income that runs middle of the pack, compared to other states. But residents still find themselves in precarious positions financially – the average resident holds $4,851 worth of credit card debt.

Residents of Nevada can access accredited credit counseling and debt advice at no charge through ACCC. We also offer a debt management plan to qualified individuals. There is no obligation to the financial counseling and debt management advice, which are both free.

Residents of Nevada can call our toll free number, or apply online through our online application.

Testimonials from some of our clients from Nevada

"I've been very happy with the program. ACCC helped me get my debt in control, giving me a sense of relief. Since enrolling in the program, I've paid down my debt significantly, and it has helped me heal my credit score. The budgeting and credit homework is also a great tool for people like me who don't understand credit and don't have very good budgeting skills.”
-Erika K. 

"ACCC has brought so much relief to me – not only in getting my interest rates reduced, but gave me the tools and guidance to create and live by a reasonable budget. I actually have money in savings now, which has not happened in many years."
-Wendy M. 

“I thought they were helpful through the entire process and I appreciated their assistance dealing with all the creditors in arranging lower interest rates and payments.”
-Eileen G.


1) The average Nevada resident holds $4,851 worth of credit card debt
2) Get a free credit counseling session
3) Pay off your debt in most cases within five years

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides nonprofit credit counseling, debt reduction programs and debt relief services to help consumers nationwide figure out how to pay down debt and how to get out of debt quickly. Our professional credit counselors provide free credit counseling to help individuals and families find the right debt solutions to help with credit card debt and avoid debt in the future. Our debt management programs provide help with debts by consolidating payments on credit card debt and other unsecured loans, with credit card negotiation services to reduce credit card debt interest rates and finance charges, helping consumers to pay off debt more quickly.

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