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Payoff Credit Card Debt

Payoff credit card debt with help from ACCC.

If you're concerned about your credit card balances and want to make a plan to payoff credit card debt, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) can help. We offer free credit counseling and affordable debt management services that can help with credit card debt. Our credit counselors can explain the options available to you to payoff credit card debt, and help select the best path for you. While there are many companies out there looking to make a big profit with solutions to payoff credit card debt, as a non-profit organization we're dedicated to helping you get control of your finances, showing you how to reduce debt and live debt-free. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and find out why ACCC is the best choice to help you payoff credit card debt

How a debt management program can help payoff credit card debt.

When our clients want to know how to get out of debt in the shortest period of time, we usually suggest a debt management plan. When you enroll in our plan, you'll work with our credit counselors to get a complete picture of your finances, including your income, assets, and expenses. Then we'll show you how to manage debt by creating a budget that you can live with and one that lets you set aside money each month to payoff credit card debt.

We'll also consolidate your debt payments. Instead of making individual payments to all your creditors every month, you'll make just one payment to us and we'll write checks to your creditors for you. This helps in two ways: it simplifies your finances and makes it easier to stay current on your debt payments, and it gives us the opportunity to work with your creditors for possible reductions in finance charges, interest rates, late charges, and over-limit fees. In the end, a debt management plan may save you a lot of money and help you payoff credit card debt more quickly – in most cases, within five years.

Benefits of working with ACCC to payoff credit card debt.

Why choose ACCC to help you payoff credit card debt?

  • You'll save money. As a nonprofit organization, we're here to help you. Consequently, we offer credit counseling free of charge and our fees for debt management services are among the lowest in the industry.
  • You'll get excellent service. Our credit counselors will take care of many of the details of managing credit card debt for you including making monthly payments to your creditors on your behalf.
  • You'll payoff your debt faster. By reducing finance charges and interest rates and eliminating fees, we can show you how to pay off a credit card in less time – usually within five years.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit debt counseling agency offering free debt counseling services and a low-cost debt management services. As one of the nation's leading credit counseling agencies, our certified and highly trained credit counselors help individuals to understand the advantages and disadvantages of government debt consolidation programs, of a private debt consolidation program and of debt consolidation with bad credit. In contrast to a debt consolidation counseling agency or credit card counseling service, we help consumers find credit debt relief by determining the most effective way to pay off debt without taking on new loans.

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